Artwork is a crucial part of each and every advertisement. To maintain effectiveness, however, you need to adhere to certain rules that ensure that your artwork – and the advertisement as a whole – are legible and can be easily understood by the prospective customers, whenever they come in contact with your advertisement, whether accidentally…Read More

Piccadilly lights

6 lights go off … The six giant advertising billboards, Piccadilly lights, are going offline for at least 6 months. Piccadilly Lights has in the past only been turned off during World War II, for Winston Churchill’s funeral in 1965 and Princess Diana’s funeral in 1997. Owned and operated by Land Securities the six advertising hoardings at…Read More

Do you Like my Taxi LOL!!!

“Social media platforms enable users to create mini digital societies of friends and followers, and share content within those micro societies.“ But what if the ‘Socialisation of Media’ spread beyond Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and spread into mainstream media and the very streets themselves? What if you could post a message on a billboard in the street for…Read More