How Real is Real-time Bidding in Outdoor?

Real-time bidding refers to the buying and selling of online ad impressions through real-time auctions that occur in the time it takes to load the page.

Advertisers use various tools to place their bids for the given impression. The system then chooses the highest bidder. 

This process means that the pricing for online impressions is driven to great extent by demand and supply. 

As more billboards are replaced by digital screens which are connected to the internet, it is no surprise that both Screen Owners and Advertisers are looking to take advantage of this buying model. 

Flow City is the first platform which has connected the end user advertiser with over 3,500 premium sites. 

Flow City is offering Guaranteed (G-RTB) and Non Guaranteed (NG-RTB) buying options – the latter understandably offering the best value for money and being closer to what online calls Programmatic.

NG-RTB fills an important gap for businesses looking for presence on billboards at a price comparable with a Facebook Ad or a Leaflet. So if you just want to shout out about your store or an app to Londoners but you don’t mind if your budget is not spent in full, then the NG-RTB is a great option. It’s fantastic value for money and it means that even a small business can now afford a billboard in London – how good is that?

If however you want to spend the whole budget and get the reach and don’t mind spending more, then you are advised to opt in for a G-RTB. What this means is that the system will bid over the Non Guaranteed price to get you the space. Which online is called simply RTB. 

So whether it’s the great price (NG-RTB) or maximum Reach (G-RTB), Flow City will send bids on your behalf to get the screens you need at the best last minute rates 

The new feature is integrated into our simple campaign creation module which users love for its simplicity. 

Real Time Bidding allows Media Owners to sell unsold inventory. For the advertisers it means smarter deployment of budgets. This is a great step for the democratisation of a great medium.