Boots Hyperlocal Advertising Not To Bee Sneezed At

Powered by, Boots were able to target hayfever remedies to hayfever sufferers specifically in areas experiencing high pollen counts … in real time…..

This is pretty awesome. ….

How did they do it? How is this done?

There’s an index called the data pollen index, which counts pollen in real time.

This data, from the pollen data index, is accessed by the API that works with the decision making engine powering the system. Within one second the decision engine cross references the areas of high pollen count against the location of taxis and literally broadcasts the advert into the digital advertising platforms that are on tops of taxis within 60 seconds from a Boots store.


Flow.City CEO Dagmara Lacka said. “On one hand we have the trigger data, the pollen counts, and also a moving medium, taxis. The showing of adversing had to meet two criteria, the taxi being within 60 seconds away from a boots store, and there being a high pollen count … a moving target. Being able to hit this moving target continuously in a campaign delivered excellent results, hyper efficient results, for just one of our many clients.”