Hyperlocal Romantics Valentine’s Day

As Valentine’s Day approaches many a love struck soul seeks to woo or impress in some small way the romantic counterpart of their coronary affection / affliction.

For some, a bunch of red roses speaks volumes. “Look darling, I realised at half five it was Valentines, so I legged it to M&S and thank Cupid they had these relationship saving stems. Only £15 sheets.”

For others, a romantical meal at a curry house nails the day. Dozens of identical tables for two, each awaiting a statutory hetero normative couple to sit arse upon chair and engage in stilted conversations. The waiters are running a book on which table will have a screaming domestic walkout first. Winner takes tips.

‘Saint’ Valentine’s Day is the bastard lovechild of Hallmark Cards and every florist everywhere. Let’s own that and move forward to a more tech savvy, individualistic, and maybe even slightly cool way of telling the woman you love she’s the one. At least one of the ones.


Yep, science has brought us the place where your love boat message can be digitally taxi topped right where it counts. She’s gonna love you Bruv! Wait till she tells her girlface friends about this.

You da King.

Right there. Have an extra couple of pints in the curry house to reward yourself. You Bossed it mate.

You da man.

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