Do you Like my Taxi LOL!!!

“Social media platforms enable users to create mini digital societies of friends and followers, and share content within those micro societies.“

But what if the ‘Socialisation of Media’ spread beyond Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and spread into mainstream media and the very streets themselves?

What if you could post a message on a billboard in the street for an hour? What if you could use this visual platform in the same way as your Facebook news feed? Just to communicate for the sake of it.


Obviously you would have to pay to do this. But that doesn’t rule it out. It just means you have to put your money where your words are. If you thought it sufficiently amusing to do.

How much would you spend to post a message on top of a taxi? For an hour?

£100? £40? £20? £5? £1?

There’s clearly and obviously a commercial aspect to this as well. If you have a retail shop on Shoreditch High Street, you might find advertising on taxi signage in Shoreditch a winning formula. Hyper local advertising, paid by the hour.

It’s a simple and obvious commercial decision. It would also work very well for events.

Advertising in lights on the roof of a taxi that can actually take people to the event, this is a win win win. Brands also like hyper local advertising, it means their marketing managers are making data based decisions.

As advertising, it’s cool. Easy decision. It’s obvious. But what’s really interesting is the ability to put messages into the public space. Imagine being able to do that. To use taxis, billboards, outdoor advertising platforms as a Social Media. Actual Social Media. In the real, in your face, visible World.

Street artists spend their own time and money putting messages into the public space for no reason other than that they want to / need to / are compelled to do so by forces beyond their control. They took back the streets. They made themselves into Brands. I say let us do that same. Let us rise up.

As Adverts.

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