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Real time big data processing

Insight onto local crowds gained from gathering and real time processing of big data: CCTV cameras, social media contexts, weather, transportation and more.

AI advertising automation

Real time access to digital screens and mobile apps, powered by AI suggestions to maximise the results while minimising the effort and costs.

Instant footfall increase

Advertisement is delivered in the right time and place to the shoppers which results in increased footfall and improved shopping experience.

The results from the launch of our breakfast menu has exceeded our sales target by 30% after the first 4 weeks.

The concept of being able to push messages in real time is highly attractive for us and combined with confining our advertising to times of the day that suit specific messages makes our marketing activity more efficient.

Pippa Case, Marketing Manager

We decided to support Sicario as its performance in the second week was very poor compared to usual - we would anticipate a minimum drop of 20% week on week, while Sicario fell by nearly 60%.

Having commenced limited advertising activity on the digital screens at the very end of the 2nd week and continued for a further 3 days into the 3rd week. The result of this activity was to deliver the same ticket sales as week 2 and, due to a decrease in the number of screens showing Sicario, an increase attendances/screen by 45%.

Yuna Lee, Venue Manager

Not only has made our lives so much easier in posting real time information to members and guests at L39 and the ClubLounge39, but it has also had a significant impact in our marketing campaigns.

When we changed our communication to posting the event on our digital screens, the remaining tables were booked within a very short period - a far more effective campaign vs. leaflets.

Daniele Quattromini, ClubLounge39 Manager

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